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RollsRocky: a quality choice

RollsRocky was founded in 1984 in a small factory of Cameri, in the province of Novara. It all started with "BISCOSSO", our first biscuit for dogs that is still now, after more than 35 years, the most coveted prize by our four-legged customers. Since then, many new cookies and snacks have been created in the large RollsRocky family.

Our family-run company, in fact, continues to evolve with new technologies to be competitive in a growing sector.

The values that guide RollsRocky are the love for animals and creativity and it is thanks to these values that we create our products, using natural ingredients to adapt our offer to the needs of dogs suffering from particular pathologies.

In our assortment we offer more than 60 types of cookies with an infinity of tastes and shapes!
Special biscuits enriched with ingredients that are indicated for the protection of dog's health.
Let’s pamper our four-legged friends with refined biscuits.
Bones and snacks
Vanilla-scented biscuits, made with selected ingredients.
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